Systems Assurance and Integration


Systems Assurance & Integration

The Systems Assurance and Integration Business Unit (BU) provides System Engineering solutions relating to Systems Assurance (SA), Systems Integration (SI), and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) for Rapid Transit Systems, Roads and Traffic Management projects. The BU has additionally undertaken other engineering development activities like carrying out Human Factors Engineering Studies and performing Software Audits for Safety-related E&M Systems.


Systems Assurance (SA) comprises carrying out Reliability, Availability & Maintainability (RAM) Management: Definition, Apportionment, Target setting, Analysis, Prediction and Demonstration, as well as performing Safety Management: System Safety Risk and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Definition, Risk Analysis, Safety Certification Process Customisation and Hazard Management.


Systems Integration (SI) encompasses providing Operations Concept and Design, Systems Interface Requirements and Control & Monitoring Processes and establishing Systems Engineering Management Framework and Processes for the Overall Project Life Cycle (i.e. Project Definition, Design, Integrated Testing & Commissioning, Test-running, Migration etc).


Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) involves establishing EMC Management and Control Framework and Processes, such as performing site measurement and audits.

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