Manila LRT1, LRT2 & MRT3 Automated Fare Collection System (CBT)

Manila Turnkey AFC Design, Development, Deployment & Maintenance





In April 2014, MSI Global was appointed as the vendor for the AF Consortium (presently AF Payments Inc.), for the end-to-end delivery of a whole new card based ticketing (CBT) system for three metro lines in Manila, Philippines. The three lines are the LRT1, LRT2 and MRT3.


Within 18 months, we planned, develop and executed the migration from the former magnetic card fare collection system to the current Beep card system managed By AF Payments Inc. This incredible feat was also done in accordance to our strict project management processes. In order to ensure a smooth and stable operation before decommissioning the magnetic card based system, we rolled out the project incrementally through limited station trials between July to October 2015 to demonstrate the stability of our G-clef Global Clearing and Fare System prior to Go-Live.


1 million Beep cards were issued within just 4 months from its launch. This stands as a strong testament to the effectiveness and adoptability of our successful partnership with the AF Consortium, for the Department of Transportation of the Republic of the Philippines.

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