Independent Design Verification on Power Supply System for North West Link Project in Sydney

Independent Design Verification of North West Link Project in Sydney -Review of Power Supply documentation



Project Period








  • Carry out a comprehensive review of all aspects of the design for Power supply system
  • To verify that the documents submitted meet the Employer’s requirements for safety and comply with relevant codes and standards
  • To confirm that calculations are translated into design details and drawings, specification clauses
  • To check the applicability, accuracy, and validity of any computer programs used



Project Scope


MSI was commissioned to provide independent design verification services for the North West Link Project metro railway’s Power Supply System, by providing specialist support from the LTA’s Power Supply in-house team.


Understanding that a robust power supply system is crucial to ensure the availability and reliability of the metro network, MSI reviewed the power supply network to ensure that no single failure in the power supply and traction power system can result in total loss of power distribution to any part of the network. Utilising the knowledge from the Power Supply core team, MSI was able to advise from their experience on the operational constraints and requirements in the Power Supply System design for driverless system.