Bangkok turnkey solution development, maintenance and upgrading

Our projects in Bangkok include the BTS Skytrain and the BEM trains.


MSI Global has a longstanding history of partnership with the Bangkok Mass Transit System. We designed, developed and deployed the current backend system for the BTS skytrain. Over the years, we have helped Bangkok move beyond the magnetic card system to the current contactless smart card (rabbit) system. We are currently maintaining and supporting the system.




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2002-2003 / Encoder Sorter Project

Developed and delivered automatic magnetic card encoding and sorting machine to BTS

2006-2007 / Contactless Smart Card (CSC) Upgrading

Delivered a clearinghouse system that supported both the magnetic card system and the new contactless smartcard.

2009 / BTS S7-S8 Station Extension

Upgraded the clearinghouse system to support the two new stations on the BTS Silom line.

2010-2011 / Common Ticketing Project

This Project is to make modifications to the 2 existing Systems (BTS and BEM Systems) to accept the new BSS Rabbit Card. These 2 Systems are connected and interfaced to the new BSS Central Clearing House System (CCHS) which is developed by others.

2010 / BRT Automated Fare Collection Project

Implemented the first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System in Bangkok consisting of 13 BRT stations. Our system was also designed to seamlessly interface with the BSS Rabbit Cards too.

2010-2011 / BTS E10-E14 Extension

Upgraded the BTS system we developed, to support 5 additional stations on the BTS Sukhumvit line.

2011-2012 / BTS S9-S12 Station Extension

Upgraded the system we delivered to extend support for 4 additional stations on the BTS Silom line.

2017-2020 / BTS Green Line Extension (GLE)

Upgraded our system to support an additional 9 stations to the east and 16 stations to the north of the BTS Sukhumvit line.

2018-2019 / BTS Cloud ID Software Solution Project

In this project, we developed a software application to run on the existing BTS system to allow support for the Rabbit Line Pay on all BTS stations.

2020-Ongoing / Bangkok Gold Line Project

This project is to extend support for 3 additional stations from the BTS S7 Station on the Silom line.

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