Mr Liu Png Hock
Head, Projects Management Services

Mr. Liu is the Director (Safety & Programme Planning). He has more than 25 years of professional working experience in heavy engineering projects. An engineering graduate of the University of Wales, United Kingdom, Mr. Liu joined Singapore Mass Rapid Transit Corporation in 1985 and was involved in the construction of the North-South and East-West lines. Later, in 1990-94, he moved to Shanghai for the construction of Shanghai MRT Line 1 before rejoining LTA in 1994. He had since being involved in more MRT/LRT, road infrastructure planning, construction and project management.

At MSI Global Pte Ltd, Mr Liu focuses on the Asia Pacific business development. In 2004, the Nanjing Line 1 Consultancy Contract for E&M System Integration, the first MSI contract in China was secured. In 2006, a second major contract in China was secured, with the signing of the Project Management and Advisory contract with Shentong Consortium, Shanghai, for the MRT Line 10 E&M Systems.

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