Fare Systems


Fare Systems

MSI Global’s Fare Systems Business Unit (FSBU) is the first in the world to successfully steer a mass migration from one smart card system to another. A team that punches above its weight, FSBU is on a mission make life easier for commuters, making our products and services more cost effectivve for our clients and adding more value to our products on behalf of our biggest client, the Singapore government.


When you choose MSI’s FSBU, you’re choosing the best fare system integrator in the world.

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What We Offer

Fare Systems

We are a systems integrator that has time and again successfully delivered turnkey fare collection solutions. What is most impressive is that we not only undertake greenfield projects, we also have the expertise to take on brownfield projects too.


  • SIRIUS Enhanced Feature-Rich Reader
  • Bus Validator (BV)
  • Bus Driver Console (BDC)
  • Point of Sale (POS) Terminals


MSI Global is the leader in turnkey solutions for public transport infrastructure.